The Governor’s Office released the following facts about housing tax increases in the past two years:

  • In 2011, New Jersey homeowners saw a statewide average rise of 2.4 percent in property taxes. “The Smallest Increase In Nearly Two Decades.  (Megan DeMarco & Eric Sagara, “Did N.J. Property Tax Reform Help Most Taxpayers?” Star Ledger, 1/8/12)
  • In 2012, New Jersey did even better, with a statewide average increase of just 1.7 percent

    “The results of our bipartisan reforms are clear – two consecutive years of the smallest property tax increases in at least two decades under my Administration and relief for our middle-class families.  The property tax cap and our bipartisan reforms are working, but there is much work that the Legislature must join me in getting done to deliver even more relief.  I’ll keep fighting to get the Legislature to close loopholes in the cap and pass a real shared services bill that will responsibly lower the cost of government.”

    – Governor Chris Christie, January 11, 2013

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